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The Best Nail Trend You’ll Ever FollowWhat Are The Benefits Of Dip Powder?

Among the various popular trends currently, there is one that tops the list: Nails Dipping.

If you’re wondering what the trend is and why people are obsessing over it, then this guide is for you.

What Are Dip Nails?

Nails Dipping is a pretty simple process. All one has to do really is dip each nail into a fine powder and brush off the excess.

But this simple process has some long-lasting benefits, which is why it has become a favorite amongst all the regular and new coming clients at nail salon Miami.

Curious about this new technique?

Let’s find out all the pros of dip powder nails.

· Lesser Trips to The Salon With Dip Nail Powder

Guess what’s the #1 reason why people love dip nails?

Their manicured nails last a lot longer than they could without the nails dipping technique.

Anyone who has ever gotten an acrylic manicure knows that when the time comes for removal, things tend to get a bit tense. They look beautiful, that much is true.

However, your nails end up getting weaker, brittle, and dehydrated after acrylics are gone unless you use the right protocols for removal.

The only reason why most women choose acrylics is because they last longer, but at a cost, they no longer have to pay with dipping powder technology.

This innovative technology gives beautiful nails that can last for more than just a few weeks.

Yes, that’s right.

You can spend almost a month with these new beauties and sometimes even more than a month too (yay!).

· No Need Of UV Light

Unlike the gel nail manicure, dipping powder removes the need for UV light to cure the nails.

If you’re looking for a more organic process, go for nails dipping.

In fact, when you use dip powder, nails are dried within a few seconds.

You know what that means? The chances of your nail color getting smudged are reduced to almost zero!

We all know how hard it is to keep nails smudge-free after a manicure, so this is great news!

· No Odor

This is an added benefit for those with a sensitive nose. When you dip nails in the powder, you’ll realize it’s quite odorless since liquid monomer is not used like it is during acrylic nails.

· Quick And Easy To Do: Simply Coat and Dip

To further elaborate on how and why the nails dipping technique is easier, you just have to apply a base to your nail, and then on to the next step.

Now it’s time to dip nails into the powder at a 45-degrees angle it’ll dry immediately.

After repeating the step, apply one more coat on the nails.

· Makes Nails Stronger

Want to cover up your brittle nails? Dipping powder is your best bet.

It does a great job at keeping nails strong as no harmful primers are used.

But don’t worry, dip powder manicure will look and feel natural at the same time too.

You’ll notice a significant difference in your nails’ health after the dip powder is used.

Convinced About Dip Nails? Let’s Go!

Buying the entire powder nail kit might be a bit too pricey. That’s why it might be economical to look for “nail salons near me” and “dip nails near me” on Google if you’re into nails dipping too.

For a nail dipping experience with the best artists and a touch of glamor you always desired; Get in touch with Neo Nail Salon, Miami if you’re in town.

Among quality nail care, dip powder manicure, acrylic nails, or gel paint; have your pick.

Our team of nail artists can promise you smooth, healthy, and neat nails because your nails deserve as much pampering as you!

Book your appointments today and jump on the nails dipping bandwagon!

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