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Welcome The Spring With Best Nail Care Practice In 2021

Choosing an approach for a minimal and transparent look for a flawless nail care routine is what everybody deserves for great hygiene and aesthetic look. It is essential for manicure veils, that your nails are clean, healthy, and short without polish. Here at Miami nail salon, we provide a golden opportunity not only to respect the 2021 nail trends, which require an essential style but also to focus on nail care. Although that of the nails that breathe is a myth, in fact, paying some more attention to their health means strengthening them, polishing them, and eliminating the cuticles.

Too often neglected, in fact, should be nail care a daily aspect of the beauty routine. in fact, the key to beauty lies in hydration. Even when it comes to nail and cuticle care.

We have the nail care knowledge

Applying sunscreen is a usual habit in the skincare routine and by the way have you ever applied sunscreen to your hands? "My hands are busy with various tasks such as eating, studying, and smartphones, but I don't think I can manage my hands properly". Since you must be googling 'nail saloon near me' Join us today here at the nail saloon Brickell Miami' and welcome the spring with the best nail care practice in 2021. The Brickell nail saloon Miami professionally caters to your nail care so you become a person with beautiful hands! Welcome to House of nails- the right nail place.

From handbags for moist hands to simple nail art using the only manicure, we will promise a pretty hand that makes you feel better just by looking at it. We have prepared this for those who have been on the lookout because it has been difficult to care for their hands, or for those who have split their busy time with difficult nail art and ran to the nail place. If you just follow along, we will show you how to become a beautiful hand.

Give your nails a sweet treat

Raise your hands if you really love your nails!

  • You need to do a manicure every 2 weeks. This is essential because your beautiful hands deserve that. Fall in love with nail care.

  • Always during the periods you apply nail polish or the times when you leave them natural, rub them with olive oil until its fully penetrated.

  • In winter wear warm gloves to avoid aging due to dryness and redness.

  • In the summertime, in order to prevent wrinkles due to UV rays, always protect your hands from elements.

  • The bad habit the nail-biting, weakness them and hinders their smooth growth.

  • Avoid smoking and protect your hands from yellow halos and unpleasant odors.

  • Always use a gentle cleanser with neutral pH for your hands. Make sure you dry them carefully and completely so the water left on the skin won't make them chapped and rough.

  • Shea butter creams and shea butter alone should also be applied on the nails especially in case of chapped hands.

Never forget to care for your claws

Your feet tend to get rough with weather conditions, poor nail care, and needless walking. Therefore pamper your feet with a pedicure.

Pedicure-what to do? We love tips

Step 1. As a first step trim and shape your nails and remove your nail polish with the nail polish remover. Use a nail file to give them a nicer look.

Step 2. In a tub or basin, fill with warm water enough so your ankles can be covered up. Add some bath salts. Give them a nice foot bath. You may add some drops of essential oil of your liking. You may add a few smooth pebbles. These will provide you gentle massage. Soak your feet and give them 15 minutes to relax and dry them with a towel.

Step 3. Now you have done with a foot bath. It's time to exfoliate. Dry your feet and rub a cuticle cream on the base area of the nail. Leave it for a while. Now in the meantime use a foot scrub to remove all dead and dry skin. Wipe the cuticle cream off and push them back with a cuticle pusher very gently.

Step 4. The next step is moisturizing them after scrubbing has done. It gives hydration to the feet and prevents cracking. Massage your feet because it improves blood circulation and nourishes the foot muscles and skin.

Step 5. Now it's time to give shiny shots to your nail. Paint them with your favorite color. But before that, always apply a base coat and let it dry. Now apply a coat of nail polish. Let it dry fully before applying the next coat. That will give your nail polish extra time to ensure its longevity.

Acrylic nails- Your favorite nail desire

Acrylic nails take some time to install but that worth it. As you will fall in love with the extended length of your real nail having a longer-lasting manicure. But you need to keep in mind these 5 things to keep your nails healthy and make acrylic nails longer lasting manicure. Especially if you are a newbie.

Great nails need a great technician

This is super important for the reason that when it is done right, your acrylic nails will stay longer and look better. Research the best nail place around you and check out their work. Here at Brickell's nails, we know better what your nails deserve. Your nails will be as great as your nail technician.

Acrylic nails require regular fills

If You are committed to acrylic nails, make sure you fill them regularly. It depends on your technician's recommendations. Usually, you need to visit a nail salon every two to three weeks.

If you make that time longer, your acrylics will grow out that will make them easier to damage and break. Failing in keeping up your routine will tend to break off your acrylics and your technician has to start from scratch. That is not great for your real nails in the longer run.

Always go for long-lasting nail polish and top coats

Acrylics are a long-term investment and you would not waste your money with cheap nail polishes. Right? This is highly recommended that you should go for top-quality nail polish to maintain shine throughout your manicure life. More than that a great topcoat is even more important. So always choose great nail salons and nail artists because they bring color to the world.

Schedule appointments for touch up

Do you want your nail color to look good as the first day you have done it? Definitely a "big yes". Therefore make sure the regular touch-ups between fills. It is suggested to add a top coat to keep nail polish fresh. Ideally, apply two extra coats after the service. This way the nail polish does not feel thick.


Give your nails the chance to thank you by giving your hands moisturizer. That will lengthen the life of your acrylics. It is suggested to keep your hands moisturized to keep off the dryness. Give the cuticles and nails a gentle oil massage to keep them soft and healthy.

Bottom line

Everybody wishes to welcome this spring 2021 with the best nail care practice. There is nothing wrong to get addicted to your nails because tip-toe nails deserve sweet love from you. If you are looking for the nail place where you sit relax and let the technician do the magic, Come to us if your nails aren't becoming to you. Get connected with us at the Miami nail salon and book an appointment to get a new look for your nails.

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