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The Leading Nail Salon in Brickell

Do you miss feeling confident and beautiful whenever you walked out of your nail salon after getting a mani?

Has it been hard having no self-care Sundays during this lockdown? Thinking that you’ve neglected your skin health, nail care, and hair care?

We understand how even the idea of stepping out of the house to go to a salon might give you a knot in your stomach. After all, social interaction means risking yours and everyone else’s safety.

What if we told you there is a solution to this?

Our nail salon at Brickell welcomes you to one of a kind, luxurious beauty care experience you’ve never had before. Our holistic services include everything from hand care to foot care and from a classic mani to premium gel manicure services.

Sanitation Is The Number One Priority

Your safety is of the utmost importance. Our staff is highly trained in following SOPs.

Before opening hours, we make sure our nail salon is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned with detergent.

We book appointments beforehand to make sure our nail salon is never crowded.

All the equipment our staff uses is sanitized after every use to ensure 100% hygiene and safety of our customers.

Your Satisfaction Matters

Our manicurists make sure to remind our clients of the importance of taking care of their nails.

We recommend and advise our clients the importance of taking breaks in between nail polish sessions and rehydrating nails

Ensuring you have healthy hands is our job. If you are looking to shine, shape, polish or just relax, our nail salon is always here for you!

So, if you live near Brickell come on down to our nail salon for a renewed look of your hands.

Our salon’s comfortable environment will help you relax and let you daydream without a worry in the world.

Plus, we promise when you leave our nail salon, not only will you leave with a renewed confidence but your hands and nails will look and feel amazing!

So, what are you waiting for???

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