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6 Simple Steps to a Rejuvenating Pedicure

After hours of being on your feet throughout the day, when you lay on your bed at night – one body feels left un-attended and ignored.

Our feet are like our everyday soldiers; working with us, for us, but they too need a break every now and then.

This break is provided in the form of one of the most popular salon and spa treatments; a customized pedicure.

A Pedi session helps enhance blood circulation, keeps your nails trimmed, and moisturizes your feet as well as your skin, ensuring they remain silky smooth.

Let’s have a look at this rejuvenating process in greater detail:

Step 1: Prepare the Water

Get a large bowl or foot spa machine to allow both your feet to soak. Fill it up with warm water and add in pedicure products of your liking.

For a bubbling foot soak; bubble bath mixtures work well. Or for refreshing Pedi for tired feet – go for bath salts and add in some Vinegar for softening of the feet.

Mix it well and top it up with rose petals for an aesthetic and refreshing soak.

Step 2: Soak Your Feet

Tip your toe in the water to ensure it is not too hot.

Then, sit back, place both feet in the water, and relax with your warm soak for the next 10 minutes.

Step 3: Treat Your Cuticles

To get your cuticles soft and in-place, have a Cuticle Softener and Cuticle Nail Pusher (or stick) ready with you.

Remove your feet from the water, one at a time. Dry it with a towel and apply a dab of the cuticle softener on your nail bed. Next, use the nail pusher to gently push your cuticles back.

Repeat the same process for the other foot.

Step 4: Begin the Exfoliation

With your dead skin softened and in place, it is time for exfoliation.

Get an exfoliating foot scrub and rub it gently on your feet. Rinse your feet after 2-4 minutes.

Next, use a foot file or pumice stone to rub on the thickened parts under your feet (callus). These will have most dead skin, and thus need help in shedding dead skin and bringing new skin to the front.

Step 5: Cut and File Your Toenails

Once your calluses are dealt with, it is time to treat your toenails.

Still softened from the Pedicure treatment, the toenails will be easier to clip and style. Cut them according to the shape you want, and file them for rounder edges.

Step 6: Moisturize

Dip your feet in the water for a final, cleaning soak. Take them out and dab with a towel, drying them completely.

Grab your favorite foot lotion and apply thoroughly – through the toes, onto the heel, and until the ankle. Massage your feet well; and your feet will be left looking beautiful and feeling invigorated from within.

Get Pedicuring!

If you are refreshed simply by reading the steps to a rejuvenating pedicure; it is time to set a Pedi session.

Perform a DIY pedicure or have a qualified nail technician treat your feet as you sit back and relax.

However, when in Brickell, there is no need to go searching for a pedicure near me. With (Insert Name), getting a customized and revitalizing pedicure in Brickell is simply an appointment away.

Whether you wish for a male pedicure or female; we remain open to all for their personalized nail needs.

Let us give your feet the love and care they deserve.

Book an appointment now!

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